January 17th in Statia and January 19th in Saba has been historical days for both islands. For many years the business community has been looking out for this day to have our own Chamber of Commerce. No longer are we obliged by law to register our companies in St. Maarten. I as the dirst chariman, rogether with the other members of the Board of the Chamber and our staff, will fo our utmost best to build up a strong and reliable Chamber. The first and maybe the most important part for us is to get a reliable and up to date Commercial Registry, where all businesses and NGO’s will be properly registered. It is the itention, with the assistance of the Curacao Chamber of Commerce, to get this registry online together with our website. Everyone will then be able to view the registry and any other information we will have available for you on the website. This information will range from how to set up a business to what kind of subsidy possibilities there maybe for you business.

The Chamber will get busy in supplying any kind of information that may be interesting for your business or organization. We will get involved in trade missions and trade shows. We will also be very vocal on all matters that are in the interest of the business community in general. As one of our main roles is to advise government, it is our intention to bring any matter that in one way or the other effects the business sector to the attention of the relevant government agencies and suggest and negotiate solutions or make proposals.

We are also always open for suggestions from you as part of the business sector as well. Your input and concerns will also give us the tools to operate in a most effective manner.

This is our first newsletter. The intention of this periodic newsletter is to inform and educate the business community. Your comments with the goal to improve the information to you, are highly appreciated. It is our sincere intention to serve you, the business communities of Statia and Saba.

Koos Sneek


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