New maximum rates for electricity and water in 2023

New maximum rates for electricity and water in 2023

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has established the 2023 maximum rate for electricity and drinking water on the islands. The ACM does this yearly, and ensures that the productions companies have sufficient financial power to invest in developing sustainable electricity and drinking water production.

This is important, as major sustainability projects have been scheduled on all of the islands for 2023 and beyond. In the ACM’s view, sustainable production of energy and drinking water on Bonaire, Saba and St Eustatius is not only good for the climate, it also ensures energy and drinking water rates on the islands are less dependent on turbulent global fuel prices.

On Saba, the maximum variable consumer rate for electricity will decrease. On Sint Eustatius, it will slightly rise. In actuality, promised subsidies will make sure that consumers will pay less for water and electricity in 2023. The standing charge (fixed costs or capacity rate) will be fully subsidized. The only charge will be based on the variable amounts of electricity consumed. Furthermore, a 50% subsidy will apply to any proportion of the variable costs that exceeds USD 0.38 per kWh.

The maximum rate for drinking water will decrease from around USD 8.62 per m3 to around USD 5.79 per m3, but the standing charge will increase from 93.76 USD per month to 98.78 USD per month. However, a capacity rate subsidy will still apply. 

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